Simple Halloween nails idea


So, I’m lucky to have nails that grow super fast and don’t break very easily. But they’re almost always bare nowadays, so on a whim I decided to change this. Unfortunately the only things remaining in my polish collection are a base coat, top coat and black. So hey, Halloween nails!

I got the idea from a youtuber that I watch, her name is Jesse Sage. She did this with fall colours and I’m doing it with Halloween colours…aka black.  She’s so much better at doing it than I am, so I suggest looking up her youtube channel. But given that this was my first try at this specific shape and I was bored… it’s still fun to wear!


All time favourite product – mascara

I’ve had to take a break from wearing makeup for the passed few months due to health issues, and I’ve felt awful about leaving this blog for so long. Decided I’d do another favourite product post!

I’m in love with this mascara, it’s been my go-to for quite a few years now. Rimmel London’s Sexy Curves in ‘003 Extreme Black’. I love the three-pump brush – it makes applying so much easier! It fits nicely around the lashes and a little goes a long way. It doesn’t say waterproof but I’ve never had a huge problem with smudging when my eyes get wet, whether it be from rain or tears. I would definitely suggest this if you’re looking for a nice drugstore buy.


Black eyes+gems+red lips photoshoot!

This is probably my favourite look I’ve ever done for a professional shoot. On the eyes I used a waterproof Crayon Jumbo liner from Sephora. While on the expensive side, it was very nice to work with. Double lashes, top and bottom! The gems (they probably have a different name that I can’t think of…) I opted to get from the dollar store, as I was hurting from my purchases at Sephora. Completed with a nice red lip on my gorgeous model! The top she is wearing here, which she brought with her, was an amazing coincidence – she had no idea what I was doing, and it just happened to go perfectly with her makeup.


April favourite product – lip stain!

This is something different for me. I tend to stay away from bold colours on my lips – they’re pretty pigmented as it is – but I wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone. I ended up getting Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in “Smitten” (I also got one named “Precious”, but it’s far too light to stain them.) I got them because they were on sale, and I’d never tried a lip stain before so I was very interested.


The great thing about this product is it moisturizes! I always hear how lip stains tend to dry your lips, but this balm stain does not. And when it does start to wear out throughout the day, there’s still a very definite stain.